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You are a Personal Brand Star!

Your brand is all about you! You share your day-to-day, your hobbies, your lifestyle or all of the above with your audience and they love to learn from you too.

Because you have made a brand around you and your personality, your branding has to represent that too and helping you shine throughout. Visuals are a small part of your business but they feed into other areas of your work and become a big part of what you do.

You want a website as an online hub to showcase all the things you do and how you can work with others. It can be a great place to establish credibility and needs to be recognisable as you straight away! You don’t want any old template that strips all of your personality away – you need to stand out.

Sharing yourself with your audience is important everywhere, especially your website, and you don’t just want to showcase you as a person, but as a brand too!

Here are the Best Personal Brand Templates!

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Here are some goals to get started!


Showcase your personality

Your personality shines through your work, it can shine through your website too! Add colour, imagery and content that supports who you are


Create your portfolio

Building a portfolio is easy, either by using fun Snug blocks and sections or by using a blog page to go into more detail


Showcase your brand

Your brand is so important to us so our themes are made to highlight you and your branding as much as possible - show it off as much as you can!

An overhead photo of a laptop next to a slice of cake with purple icing and a cup of coffee, all on a pink table.

What makes us different?

Why Snug themes are great for your business...

  • WordPress is the best platform for content creators and was originally built for blogging! Snug Designs is one of the only places to get bold professional themes that don’t use expensive, confusing page builders – we’re all WordPress baby!
  • Our customer support is ran by an expert designer/developer due which means we can answer all of the questions (and we’re always happy to do so)
  • Snug themes are built to last – no more switching every few months, if you want a refresh you can just use our built in design features for a new look!
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