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You are a Digital Product Pro!

You guide your community with amazing, transformational digital products. Whether you’re a whiz at templates, courses, educational guides, business assets or a mix of a few – you create and share value with your perfect people.

Offering digital products means your brand is key. You have multiple offerings which all need to be cohesive and stand out from anyone else so a brand that represents you and all of your products, which also attracts your ideal audience is perfect! And definitely, not too much to ask.

Being stuck between the services world and the e-commerce world means your website needs to be as clear as possible and not in any way confusing. Physical product websites don’t cut it for the user journey or the design – you need a template that makes you sales on autopilot!

You don’t want your website to be holding you back from making even more amazing products for your community! You want it set up, looking great, working great and giving you more time to create, sell, repeat!

Here are the Best Templates!

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Here are some goals to get started!


Set up easy products

Setting up products on WordPress is super easy with the free WooCommerce plugin. Use all of the features they give you which all match up with Snug Designs!


Make your products clear

Snug themes are designed to be easy to use & browse so make sure you create clear links and calls to action to make your products easy to find!


Showcase your brand

Your brand is so important to us so our themes are made to highlight you and your branding as much as possible - show it off as much as you can!

An overhead photo of a laptop next to a slice of cake with purple icing and a cup of coffee, all on a pink table.

What makes us different?

Why Snug themes are great for your business...

  • WordPress is an amazing, affordable platform for selling digital products! Snug Designs is one of the only places to get bold professional themes that don’t use expensive, confusing page builders – we’re all WordPress baby!
  • Our customer support is ran by an expert designer/developer due which means we can answer all of the questions (and we’re always happy to do so)
  • Snug themes are built to last – no more switching every few months, if you want a refresh you can just use our built in design features for a new look!
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