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You are a Caring Coach!

You have found your place as a guide for others in their lives, their business, or the wonderful niche that you’ve discovered as your magic place. You help other people with their purpose and thrive from seeing others evolve and grow, whilst you evolve and grow your business too.

Although branding is important to you, you need it to represent you as a coach and help connect you with your perfect people. Your values and your personality are so important in your business that your brand needs to represent these things in all areas!

This means your website also has to represent your brand in the same way and showcase those values whilst also showing that you are trustworthy and stand out for the work you do. Templates need to allow for customisation and personalisation to showcase your services and your client stories.

As a guide, educator, and coach, you need to present what you share with the world and attract the perfect people who you know you can guide in their own lives! Having a strong place on the internet to do this has amazing value to you.

Here are the Best Coaching Templates!

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Here are some goals to get started!


Showcase your client stories

Your audience will want to know about the amazing work you've done with your clients in the past. You can showcase this with testimonial blocks or fun layouts!


Create a unique services page

And then you want to share how you can work with your perfect people! Showcasing your services in a way that is easy to understand is so important.


Showcase your brand

Your brand is so important to us so our themes are made to highlight you and your branding as much as possible - show it off as much as you can!

An overhead photo of a laptop next to a slice of cake with purple icing and a cup of coffee, all on a pink table.

What makes us different?

Why Snug themes are great for your business...

  • WordPress is the most flexible website platform for service providers which means you can grow, scale or pivot your business without changing your design in the process.
  • Our customer support is ran by an expert designer/developer due which means we can answer all of the questions (and we’re always happy to do so)
  • Snug themes are built to last – no more switching every few months, if you want a refresh you can just use our built in design features for a new look!
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