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You are a Brilliant Blogger!

Writing is your jam and you love to create, share and discuss the things you love, your unique experiences and your knowledge with your community. Whether you’re writing about style, hobbies, crafts, work, travel, all of the above or your own fab niche, writing and content creation is your happy place.

Although you and your writing make your brand, you still want to share visual that attract your perfect people and represent the content you share so your brand is important to you to make sure there are eyes on the things you bring to life!

And your website? You don’t just need a home for your writing but also a home for the brand you’ve built online – you’re own corner of the internet.

There’s no need for a million features, pages or plugins – you just need a place to showcase your writing in the best way possible, without switching templates every few months!

Here are the Best Blogger Templates!

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Here are some goals to get started!


Set up your blog page

Every theme has multiple styles for your blog page which you can either have just for your content or set as your home page


Create unique layouts

Our unique Snug blocks can be used in your blog posts too! Use our layouts to highlight your content and make your writing even more exciting.


Showcase your brand

Your brand is so important to us so our themes are made to highlight you and your branding as much as possible - show it off as much as you can!

An overhead photo of a laptop with hands typing on the keyboard. Next to this is a notebook being written in.

What makes us different?

Why Snug themes are great for your business...

  • WordPress is the best platform for bloggers! Snug Designs is one of the only places to get bold professional themes that don’t use expensive, confusing page builders – we’re all WordPress baby!
  • Our customer support is ran by an expert designer/developer duo which means we can answer all of the questions (and we’re always happy to do so)
  • Snug themes are built to last – no more switching every few months, if you want a refresh you can just use our built in design features for a new look!
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