Using Our Installation Service

As we’re all busy business owners who don’t necessarily have the time to set up our websites, we’ve create an Installation service for all of our themes and designs which takes that off your hands. This service is available as an add on with any of our template designs and means you can have a completely set up website, still on a budget.

If you’ve purchased our installation service or are planning to, you might want to get an idea of the information we need you to send over to us once you’ve ordered. This post is a step by step guide to gathering and sending the information we need to make sure your website looks exactly as you want it to.

When you order your installation package, you’ll receive a form to fill in with the following information, so don’t worry about pulling it all together! The form will make it as easy as possible.

So let’s get stuck in with the brand and website information we need from you!

1. General Information

The first section of the form is the easy bit – your information! We’ll need your name and your email address, and then information about your order such as your order number, and the theme you’ve purchased.

You will find your order number in the confirmation email you got from us. If your theme order and installation order were separate, please let us know both order numbers!

2. Business Information

In the next section, we need some information about your business! This is so we can add the right information within the website and so we can find your website to complete the installation. We need your business name and website URL firstly…

Then we need your business social media links. This is to add these links into the design so only send the ones you want to be shown on the website!

3. Branding Files

To make sure the website matches up with your brand, we need you to send your logo files too. Adding your logo is the best way to showcase your brand design in the best way possible so make sure you don’t miss this bit!

We will need your main logo which will show at the top of the page (shown on the demo of whichever theme you chose) and a favicon which is a smaller version of your logo or an icon which appear in the browser tab when people visit your website.

A few rules to follow for your files:

  • PNG files are best as they will have a transparent background and fit with any part of the theme
  • Please send a file which is at least 800px wide for your main logo image so it shows in full quality
  • Your favicon file should be a square or it will compress/stretch when viewed in the browser

Bear in mind, you can always use our help documents to change this in the future so if you just want to send a placeholder for us to set this up, feel free to do so!

4. Colour Palette

Next up is your brand colour palette!

You’ll need to provide us with the HEX codes for all of the colours in your brand’s colour palette. We recommend choosing 6 colours, with a selection of lighter and darker colours.

Make sure you’re sending us HEX codes for your colours which look like this: #F7EDE4. If you need a hand finding these, you can use a Colour Code Picker.

If you don’t already have a palette for your business, we have a great blog post to help you find your brand colours and arrange them for our themes. Feel free to have a read of that here: How to Create a Custom Colour Palette for Your Snug Theme

5. Font System

The next thing after your colour palette and brand which you can customise is your fonts system.

You’ll need to give us the name of the fonts you would like to use for the body text (i.e. paragraphs), headings and buttons on your website.

We can install any font you like whether that be from Google Fonts, Adobe Fonts or elsewhere. If you would like to use a font from somewhere other than Google or Adobe, you will need to provide us with the font files for these fonts. We’ll get in touch once you’ve filled in the form to ask you for these files.

We also have a blog post about creating a font system which you can read here: How to Build a Branded Font System for your Snug Theme.

6. Your Pages

We also want you to let us know which pages to add to your website set up! When we install your design, we also install all the demo content you can see on any theme demo (found in the product descriptions).

This includes the following page templates:

  • Home page
  • About page
  • Services page
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • Shop
  • Contact Page

In your list, first write up which pages you need for your website. Then, we’ll need to know if this is an existing page (if we’re uploading the theme to a website already in use), if you want to use the demo content for any pages or if you want to use a basic, empty page for you to fill the content in yourself.

7. Creating an account for us

You will need to make an Administrator account for us so we can access your website and install your theme.

To do this, head to the back end of your WordPress website and go to Users > Add New and create an account for us using the email hello@snugdesigns.co.uk. Make sure you select the role as Administrator.

Once this has been done we can access your WordPress and you can remove us once we’ve finished with the set up!

Ready to get started? You can purchase our WordPress Installation service as an add on to any of our designs!