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How to add a header section to a page

All of our themes come with the option to add a header section to the top of your pages.

For example, this is what the page headers look like on Thrive, Shine, Flourish, Bloom, Amplify and Aspire:

If the page you are editing has the option to add a header section to it, you will see the Header Section tab in the right-hand menu of the editor:

The options and settings here will vary from theme to theme, with some themes having various layouts to choose from, but all header sections have the option to upload an image, add a title, add some text and add in a call to action link

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a way for you to preview the header section in the page editor, so you will need to click Preview to see what your header will look like.

If you’ve set up the header section on a page and later decide you would like to remove it, just remove the content from each field and the header will disappear.