Five Ways a Snug Theme Can Help Grow Your Business

When we sat down to start Snug Designs and brainstorm what we wanted it to be, we first of all wanted to create bold and beautiful WordPress themes, but our other main goal was always to make sure the designs we created were perfect for businesses. We wanted to make sure they had all the features any business owner would need to show off what they do and book clients or make sales.

So that’s exactly what we did! With all the themes we’ve created, we’ve added lots of features to make sure you can not only have an amazing website, but also convert and grow too!

Here are five of those features which can scale your business:

Newsletter Integration

Setting up a newsletter is an amazing way to gather the details of your engaged audience and help them build some brand recognition. Not only is it a great way to help people find out what you do, but mailing lists are also the platform with the highest conversion rates for sales and booking clients!

You can use the custom code block to add HTML sign up forms to any of your pages or blog posts, or to the header or footer of your websites.

Not got a mailing list set up yet? Set up an account on Mailchimp, Convertkit, or your favourite email marketing platform, set it up with your Snug theme, and start collecting email addresses so you have an audience ready to hear from you when you start sending emails.

Branded for Your Business

Having a consistent brand image throughout your whole business is so important when it comes to business growth. Potential clients and customers will want to recognise you everywhere they see you online so they can build their knowledge of your business and know where to go when they need some of your magic.

It’s so annoying when you create a beautiful brand for your business, get your colour palette in check, make the perfect logo, spend hours picking the perfect fonts, just to realise that your new website theme is impossible to personalise. Snug themes are made specifically to fit with any brand, to make sure this isn’t a roadblock any more!

With all Snug themes, you can customise the colour palette, font system and add all of your own branding to make sure it will fit perfectly with your business. No need to worry about not having a consistent brand image across all your platforms as your website will stand out and be completely you.

BONUS TIP: Did you know all of the patterns we’ve created for the block editor allow you to change the background colour to create clear sections on your web pages? Give it a go!

Easy to Customise Services Page

Creating a services page can be hard, especially when your theme makes it tricky to pull together all the elements you need. You have to write the perfect copy, craft the perfect packages and show off what you can do and then bring this all together in one easy to read page.

Well, with Snug themes, you can use our custom patterns and the block editor make an amazing services page. All of the patterns work together to make sure the design is always great to look at, whilst also being informative and easy to read. Some great patterns to use are the testimonials block, frequently asked questions and Images & Text, which are perfect for showing off packages.

BONUS TIP: Use a Featured Pages block to link to your Portfolio so potential clients can jump over to see some of your work!

Strategic Calls to Action

A key website tool to make sure it is converting to sales, sign-ups or client bookings is a call to action. A call to action is a link, form or button which encourages your visitors to do something or go to a certain part of the website. They are used to guide your visitors and potential clients and customers around your website to make sure they can find what they want to.

For example, if you want to promote your services, you can add a link under a paragraph about yourself over to your services page. Or, if you wanted people to sign up to your newsletter, you could either link to a page with a sign-up form or have a sign-up form on the page.

Each of our themes feature a variety of patterns that contain button blocks which you can customise with your own text and link to make sure you have CTAs everywhere! Lead to all of your key content throughout the whole website by using these buttons to help with conversion rates.

All the Features you Need to Expand

We know you will want to expand your business in the future! Have a look at all the additional features below which can help you scale your business:

Shop – All themes are compatible and designed with WooCommerce if you wanted to open your own shop with products either now or later down the line.

Unlimited block builder pages – We’ve already spoken about the block but the beauty of it is that you can create as many pages as you like using it! New services? Adding some more information? Create a new page with the block builder!

Blog – The more fab work you do, the more you can show it off in your blog! Showcasing your recent projects in your blog is great way to find more projects to work on and book clients and you can add as many projects as you want to.