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Your business is one of a kind! You want a website that is one of a kind too...
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We create easy to use, branded and bold WordPress and Squarespace website kits which you can customise to make your business stand out from a crowd!

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You don’t have time or money to invest in a custom design

Your online presence isn’t as strong as you want it to be

Your website doesn’t represent your amazing brand

Your creativity isn’t reflected in other premade designs

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Pick your favourite theme and add it to your website or we can do it for you!


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Replace the colours with your own brand colour palette and add your own logo.



Play around with our page builders and make it your own. We promise it’s super easy!

About Cat & Holly

Who is Behind Snug Designs?

Hey! We’re Cat & Holly, the designer and developer behind Snug Designs. We’re both super passionate, creative business owners ourselves and we wanted to use what we know to make beautiful and useful resources for other passionate creatives.

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